Tradition meets HighTech


On behalf of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen and IST-Metz, we are pleased to invite you to the Baden-Württemberg-Haus at EXPO 2020 on November 23, 2021 to be part of our expert event "Tradition meets HighTech".


Your participation in this event will be an opportunity to meet and engage with the top management of the two leading German companies in the print media industry. They will be presenting the latest innovations and they will have with you an open discussion about the future of printing and packaging.


We will provide you with a personal entry ticket to explore the 192 country pavilions at Expo 2020 in Dubai. Heidelberg and IST-Metz are proud to be there and to represent the state of Baden-Württemberg. This house embodies a hub for innovation, business, research, tourism and culture. 


We will be glad to welcome you personally at the special event.


Discover your possibilities during this event with your strong business partners Heidelberg & IST-Metz.


More about Baden-Württemberg House


our programme

  • Guided tour through the Baden-Württemberg house with the motto “Source of Innovation”
  • The future is colorful – Presentation of new applications and current market trends
  • Tradition meets HighTech - Discover the world of UV technology
  • Personal discussion with your strong partners Heidelberg & IST-Metz
  • Get together – open Air BBQ on the terrace of the Baden-Württemberg House

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Anmeldung Expo Dubai

Discover the world of UV, LED, FREEcure and excimer technology


"Tradition meets HighTech" is the motto of our business event, which will take place on 23rd of November 2021 in the Baden-Württemberg House in Dubai. Many industries are increasingly struggling to strike a balance between continuity and change. External pressure, digitalisation, artificial intelligence and autonomous manufacturing are just some of the reasons for this.


Every day, people all over the world use countless UV-coated or UV-printed products: a yoghurt in the morning for breakfast, a phone call on the new mobile phone at lunch, the biscuit tin on the table in the evening. The possibilities and applications of UV printing are endless, and more and more emphasis is being placed on technology, aesthetics, quality and sustainability.


Digital progress is making the world of finishing more efficient and comprehensive. New curing and finishing techniques, individualisation in batches from the very small to the very large, value-added packaging with augmented or virtual reality and printed electronics offer more variety than ever before.


Discover your possibilities

Discover your possibilities with our complete optical systems and components for the PRINT, INDUSTRIAL and INKJET sectors. IST UV curing systems boast a number of advantages that can improve the profitability of your production. These include extremely short curing times, immediate further processing, a high degree of gloss in paintwork, high scratch resistance and high chemical resistance. IST Metz offers the world’s largest product portfolio of high-performance UV lamps and UV LED systems.


Boost your business

Extremely short curing times, immediate readiness for use and direct further processing: Accelerate your production process with the latest generation of UV and LED systems from IST Metz. During this business event you will get to learn about the latest developments and experience the individual advantages of the various technologies.


The future is bright

UV systems from IST Metz are used in the processing of numerous other materials such as glass, stone, carbon fibre, glass fibre and wood. IST offers also tailor-made solutions for the healthcare industry and for air and water purification.


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